Oxi Clean Coal on VTV3 – For a Green Future

It is easily to meet people using coal bricks for cooking when you come to Vietnam. However, the ordinary coals people using daily emit smoke and toxic gas that are harmful to the environment and human health.

Worrying about these risks, Oxi Clean Coal JSC made efforts to creative and we have successfully produced a product called OXI Clean Coal.

We are proud to have introduced our solutions on Documentary Show of VTV3 on May 26th 2016. Here’s detailed content of the program:

Than sạch Oxi trên VTV3 - Vì một tương lai xanh

(Vì một tương lai xanh – VTV)

Original coal bricks we use daily often contains three types of toxic gases is SO2, NO2, and especially CO. CO is a colorless gas, odorless, tasteless, but highly toxic. It combines with hemoglobin to produce carboxyhemoglobin, which usurps the space in hemoglobin that normally carries oxygen, but is ineffective for delivering oxygen to bodily tissues. When we burn the original coal, three poisonous gas will come into the air, polluting the environment and causing significant impact on human health.

The introduction of oxi clean coal has completely changed things out. By using a natural substance that effects on the coal and results in a chemical reaction, these gases precipitate and no longer in gaseous but solid. They compact inside the coal brick, not come into the air anymore. The oxi clean coal is smokeless, odorless and reduces toxic gases by 80-90%.

Targets Oxi coal Other coal
Smoke/Gas No Very much
Smell Little, just in a short time at first when starting burning coal.

Smell of reductant

Smell makes you can not breathe from starting until finishing of burning.
Burning time 3h – 3,5h 2,5h – 3h
CO gas 0.98 mg/m3 >= 3 mg/m3
SO2 gas 0.047 mg/m3 >= 0.08 mg/m3
NO2 gas 0.044 mg/m3 >= 0,5 mg/m3

With a reasonable price (3,500 VND /brick) along with the safety, Oxi Clean Coals are used by a lot of households.   “Currently, all of our villagers now use oxi clean coal, to ensure the health and unpolluted environment” – said Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien, resident of the West Village, Lung Giang village, town Lim, Tien Du District Bac Ninh.

The coal brick after burning can be used to build house bricks, optimizing the use of raw materials and keeping toxins not flying out.