12-piece box of OXI clean coal

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Foreseeing the demand for a highly valued but low-cost clean raw material, and worrying about risk of harm to the health of people using coal bricks daily, Oxi Clean Coal JSC made efforts to creative and we have successfully produced a product called OXI Clean Coal. This product has no smell when burning, reducing emissions of toxic gases. It is a breakthrough in the field of fuels in Vietnam.

Targets Oxi coal Other coal
Smoke/Gas No Very much
Smell Little, just in a short time at first when starting burning coal.

Smell of reductant

Smell makes you can not breathe from starting until finishing of burning.
Burning time 3h – 3,5h 2,5h – 3h
CO gas 0.98 mg/m3 >= 3 mg/m3
SO2 gas 0.047 mg/m3 >= 0.08 mg/m3
NO2 gas 0.044 mg/m3 >= 0,5 mg/m3

Production line: